[Fan Account]Lee Jung Jin in The Phillippines

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[Fan Account]Lee Jung Jin in The Phillippines

Post  kajima on Fri Oct 08, 2010 7:49 am

Story by sojuspirit ( Lee Jung Jin The Philippines Fan)

Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here Smile

I am Lee Jung Jin’s fan from the Philippines.
I would like to share our experience of meeting Lee Jung Jin-ssi.
I hope fans of Rain won’t be offended by our story.

My friends and I were so grateful to finally meet Lee Jung Jin in person when he was shooting here in the Philippines! The first encounter was at the set, while he was filming a particular scene with Yoon Jin-Seo.
One crew member was so amused when he asked us if we are Rain’s fans,
and we said, “No, we are not here for Rain. We are here for Lee Jung Jin-ssi.

We are LEE JUNG JIN’s fans.” At one point, when Lee Jung Jin was waiting for the next scene,
we waved at him and he bowed, waved back and acknowledged us. After the shoot,
we were able to give our gifts to him, and had him sign our 9 ends 2 outs DVD.
We were actually so embarrassed because we didn’t have a sign pen for the DVD
(ordinary pens did not work),
and Lee Jung Jin had to painstakingly try 4 pens to no avail,
so he ended up signing in our notebook :sweatingbullets:
I guess, he was a bit surprised we actually prepared a gift for him, and that he has fans in the Philippines!
His surprise look was priceless!!! :wub:

The 2nd encounter was at the hotel entrance while we were waiting for a cab.

We were actually at the hotel since 12noon waiting to have another glance at him.
Every time we ask a crew of Lee Jung Jin’s whereabouts,
they would misunderstand us and think that we were looking for Rain.
So we would repeat and emphasize, that “No, we are not looking for Rain but for LEE JUNG JIN”.
Their amused faces were really funny. Very Happy Btw, this time we brought a small pack of dried mangoes for him
and his manager. And so, after 6 hours of patiently waiting for him to somehow show up,
we decided to call it a day and go home. And there, while we were waiting for our ride home,
Lee Jung Jin and his manager suddenly appeared at the entrance of the hotel,
a few meters away from us. And it looked like they were headed out, probably to have dinner.

We couldn’t believe our eyes! :w00t: Right when we were about to give up, t
here he appeared! Lee Jung Jin was very gracious to accommodate us for a few minutes.
We gave our gift to him, and we asked him again to sign the DVD, because this time,
we brought with us a special pen. Since photos were not allowed, we just requested to shake his hand,
and he gladly offered his hand. He thanked us for the gift, and left with his manager.
His smiling face was a sight to behold! Oh and btw, we are not very sure about this,
but we think he was wearing the blue cap we gave him the other night. Omo! :wub::wub::wub:

After he left, we felt so overwhelmed and tears started welling up in our eyes.
We were giggling with happiness! We were able to send across our message to him that
he has fans in the Philippines who actually love him more than Rain!

Lee Jung Jin JJANG! He is really the best!

Again I hope Rain’s fans won’t be offended. Btw,
we also watched Rain’s concert and we were so impressed!
He’s really an excellent performer.

I’m so glad LJJ and Rain are very close Smile

Thanks to sojusprit for your story.

Source : Lee Jung Jin Oversea Fansite : http://leejungjin.org

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Re: [Fan Account]Lee Jung Jin in The Phillippines

Post  MarNies on Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:09 pm

That was the cutest fan accounts I've read in a long while. So excited they actually got to meet AND shake Lee Jung Jin ssi's hand! How awesome! Cool Kat

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Re: [Fan Account]Lee Jung Jin in The Phillippines

Post  Jax625 on Fri Oct 08, 2010 6:37 pm

@MarNies...wiii! Hearts so happy to see you here!!!

@kajima...wow a LJJ fan account! Very Happy I have been waiting for something like this...wow, do you mind posting on the blog also??? We have only seen fan acct. from Rain fans so far! Laughing

I hope yu girls have a great weekend, talk more soon...I need to go finish adding smilies Smile

xoxo, Jax



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Re: [Fan Account]Lee Jung Jin in The Phillippines

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