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Takako's personality is very charming and personally I'm very happy that she is working in a Korean drama, here 100 questions which were included in SPEED latest tour pamphlet.

English translation by maddie & shichan@SPEED is Back

[ENG] 100 Questions Takakotour

1. What is your recent recommendation?
Lip balm.

2. What is your motto?

3. Please tell us how your name, “Takako” came about.
Being able to spread the different aromas of mankind (relates to the kanji of her name).

4. What is your method to relieve stress?
Dance until getting tired.

5. What is a reward you would give yourself?
Buy expensive water.

6. What is your treasure?

7. What makes your heart skip a beat?
Pink coloured things.

8. What was your dream in the past and what is it now?
Before was to own a house made of cake.
Now is to fly in the sky.

9. What is your dream when you grow old?
Play gateball (a Japanese game, popular with elderly people, combination of golf and croquet)

10. Is there any differences between the times you were in the 10’s and now in the 20’s?
The difference in my ability to recover when I'm tired .

11. What is your plan for 20 years in the future?
To have a son of my own.

12. What makes you feel like you are still a child?
Waiting impatiently for a meal.

13. When did you feel like you were an adult?
When I finally was able to drive a car.

14. A memorable dream that you had recently?
A dream within a dream.

15. What did you used to do often when you were a child?
Catching guppies.

16. What is one thing that you really love?
Sleep Again.

17. Is there anything which you always feel insecure without?
Going out without my purse.

18. Name an ability which you would like to have now?
Teleport from one place to another instantaneously.

19. If you could get a certification for something, what would it be?

20. What is one moment that makes you happy ?
On a nice day, go out for a walk and then having a nice meal.

21. What would make your tension level rise ?
“Tomorrow is Off Day”.

22. If you could travel by yourself, where would you go?

23. What do you like about yourself?
Subconsciously enjoying myself.

24. What is your personality?
Childish temperament.

25. What colour would you use to represent yourself?
Light Purple.

26. Is there bad omen that only pertains to you ?
During a Fortune telling show, as soon as I’m ready for the filming, something bad will happen.

27. Is there anything that you constantly think about?
Funny things.

28. What do you do when you cannot sleep?
Play solitaire on ipod.

29. What do you always do before you sleep?
Say goodnight to my pet.

30. What is the first thing that you always do when you return home?
Put my keys in the same place.

31. What is the colour of your cell phone?

32. Is there any food that you dislike?
Preserved Eggs.

33. What is your favourite scent?

34. Do you have anything which you have treasured since your debut?
A G-Shock Watch I received during Debut

35. What do you do when you feel worried or troubled?
Ask other people for advice. (and by people, means Hitoe)

36. What would you do if you suddenly have an off day tomorrow?
Watch a movie.

37. What is your unforgettable scent of family?
An Okinawan dish にんじしりしり

38. What emoticons do you always use when you write mails?
Can’t found it so something like this, ‘ω’

39. Where would you want to go if you have a long vacation?

40. What is your ideal woman?
Someone who is proud of their wrinkles.

41. What kind of street clothes do you like?
Comfy clothes that lets you do whatever you like.

42. What is people’s first impression of you?
They often don’t know what I'm thinking about.

43. Do you believe in fortune telling?
No, just curious about it.

44. What is your favourite place in your home?
My sofa.

45. If tomorrow is the end of the world, what would you do during the last moment?
Get together with my family and friends and have an expensive full course meal.

46. Even though it’s impossible, what is the animal that you would like to own?

47. Where is the place which you could spend an infinite amount of time at?
Can’t think of just one place.

48. What makes you feel like life has lost its meaning if you are without it?
A glass of beer after a hard day of work.

49. Besides sleeping, what else would you do if you are exhaust, yet you still have difficult work tomorrow?
Eat food that will give me power.

50. Is there anything which you have just recently found out?
Even my dog has tonsils

51. What made you laugh really hard recently?
Opening the washroom door to find Eri inside.

52. Up until now, what was the one surprise that made you the happiest?
During my sister’s wedding ceremony, I caught the bride's bouquet.

53. If there are 25 hours in a day, what would you do during the extra hour?

54. Please tell us of things you do that are good to the environment .
Use Eco cleaners.

55. What do you think 'Love' is?
Care, protection.

56. If you could travel in time, which period would you like to visit?
Go back in time to see dinosaurs.

57. In your life, where did you see the most beautiful scenery?
Australia’s Ayers Rock is wonderful.

58. Is there anywhere which you would visit every time when you go back to Okinawa?
瀬長島 Senaga island.

59. What is your favourite Okinawa saying?
ちゅらかーぎ Beautiful/Cute

60. Please use one word to describe Okinawa’s charm.
A very warm place.

61. Mail? Or telephone?

62. What is your favourite season?

63. What is the one thing that you started to collect unconsciously?
Bins to hold Jams.

64. What would you do if you discover that you have grown a pair of wings when you wake up?
Go and fly from some place high and far away.

65. Which SPEED song can be used to describe your life?
Depends on the mood, right now is Himawari.

66. What is your favourite coupling song?
I Remember.

67. Which SPEED song for you had the most memorable episode?
Go! Go! Heaven.

68. Up until now, which PV was the most memorable?
Luv Vibration.

69. What would you do if you had the chance to see the “once in a thousand years’ sunrise”?
To stare at the sky.

70. What would the 4 of you do if you could spend a day in luxury?
Go to Shanghai and Hong Kong with everyone and eat delicious food.

71. What would you do if there were another you?
The clone can perform on stage and I can watch from the audience.

72. Which kanji word would you use to describe SPEED?
The kanji word literally means SPEED.

73. Which kanji word would you use to describe the other members?
Hiro= Soft
Hitoe= Soar
Eri= Real

74. Which flower would you use to describe the other members?
Hiro= Rose
Eri = Gerbera (African Daisy)

75. What is one secret of another member which only you know?
Hiro = Not a morning person.
Hitoe= Shy.
Eri = Blushes when she get's shy.

76. If the 4 of you are part of a family, what would be each person’s position?
Hiro = Father
Hitoe = Mother
Eri = Son
Me = Pet

77. Please tell us what you like about the other members.
Hiro = Her cotton candy(???)-like skin
Hitoe =Her opinions about important things.
Eri= Her graceful movements.

78. If you could turn into another member for a day, who would you turn into and what would you do?
Be Hitoe, and do the three point head stand yoga pose.

79. Is there anything which you could only apologize to other members now?
If I did, I would have said sorry already.

80. If you had the chance to watch SPEED’s live from the stands, who would you pay attention to?
Watch Eri when she is in 'rocker' mode

81. Is there anything which you need before a live?
Shampoo. (XD)

82. What were your feelings after the end of SPEEDLAND?
SPEED’s songs are really powerful.

83. Please tell us what you would like to archive in this year’s tour.
I want to absorb the atmosphere from every place we visit.

84. To everyone in SPEED, tomorrow is?
Tomorrow is just another day.

85. What is your favourite line from SPEED’s songs?
もう一度はじめようこの場所 (Starting Over) "Let’s start over once again from this moment on"

86. What is the theme of this year’s live?
A more mature SPEED.

87. What is the point of the costume from this year’s live?
Lot's of movement.

88. Any secrets from the photoshoot tour pamphlet?
Although it was raining outside, SPEED's always upbeat and full of power.

89. Is there anything which you do before the live?
Lock myself up in the washroom and take a deep breath.

90. What was the most memorable memory you had with SPEED?
There was one time when we ate almost a cow size amount of good quality meat.

91. To SPEED or to you personally, how would you describe “songs”?
Music is an important part of who I am.

92. Which tour goods would you recommend?
Ipod case

93. How do you spend your time in the dressing room?
We're always chatting.

94. From 10 years ago to now, what has not changed in SPEED?
Their personality.

95. Is there anything which you would like to do with your fans?
Playイントロドン *
*(Intro-don) -a question game where you compete against each other to say the correct answer first-.

96. Reversely, what would like to hear from the fans?
Which style of SPEED do you like the most.

97. What words would you use to describe SPEED fans?

98. Please leave a message to yourself in 10 years!
How have you been? Are you happy?

99. Please say something to each member!
Hiro = Please don’t cut your hair shorter
Hitoe= Please continue to give off your unique personality
Eri = Will you be eating that same meal during this tour? (lmao, so random)

100. Please tell us your goal for the live!
Everyone, let’s together create awesome memories from this tour on!

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