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Post  vic on Thu Oct 07, 2010 2:21 pm

Some songs from Kieko (Takako Uehara) has been played during episodes 3 & 4.

Here is the list of songs:

Kieko's songs Glorysingle

01. GLORY ~君がいるから~ (Episode 4)

Official Music Video

English Translation by mr1789@jpopasia

When I wanted to speak, I could not say half of it
When we meet, I could look at those eyes that are surrounding me
I am near, the dream shines upon the story of the time we meet
The smile that you silently gave me was very delighted, very gentle

Glory glory you’re my shine
Even these tears change into courage because you’re here
Without giving up, I’ll walk towards the place where wishes are granted

I wonder what the future will be like, whether you’ll still here
The town that the two of us met each other is still developing till today
The always important things that I can believe in will not change
Even when we are far apart, our heart can still link, can still meet with a smile

Glory glory you’re my shine
Even the lonely nights change into courage when you’re here
I will not let go of the warmth in these palms

Actually, right now it’s exceedingly bright
I thought proudly that you will be here
Even when I am down, I will move forward
So that I can shine the way

Even the flowing clouds and the rustling wind
Changes to courage when you’re here
I will not let go of the warmth in these palms

Glory glory you’re my shine
No matter when, because you’re here, I can even see the dreams
I want to become strong, understand our differences
Always persevere on

02. Changin' my heart (Episode 3 & 4)
03. GLORY ~君がいるから~ (Remix By DMX)
04. GLORY ~君がいるから~ (Instrumental)
05. Changin' my heart (Instrumental)

DL full single ?tz5nymmimzz

Scans: Kieko's songs

Also were played:

I wanna see shining love (Episode 4) ?ximeqpfhcvklrxu

FANTASIA (Episode 3) ?qwnbaetuz5fg07p


credits: SPEED is Back

I don't know if I can post DL links here so if is not allowed feel free to remove the links Very Happy

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